How do I prepare myself before the service? 

Come to your appointment with squeaky clean lashes! If you arrive with leftover eye makeup, having to clean it here will cut into the time of your appointment. Make sure you do not use any oils on your face before your appointment. Lashes should not be permed or manually curl at the time of the appointment. Avoid drinking caffeine before your appointment to avoid your eyes from twitching. Bring headphones to help you relax. We love catching up with our clients but you will get the most out of your appointment if you lay still and we can concentrate on making your lashes look amazing.

How do I care for my eyelash extensions? 

At the time of your appointment we will provide you with an after care kit and information on how to care for your lash extensions. The best way to care for your lashes are by washing them DAILY. What causes the lash extentions to shed quickly is oil and buildup of product. Keeping your lashes as clean as possible will make the extension last until your natural lash sheds. You want to brush your lashes at least twice a day to make sure they aren’t tangled. Do not get lashes wet for 24 hours. Do not use mascara on your lash extensions. Do not pick or pull on your extensions. Avoid eye makeup and creams with oils. Try to sleep on your back to avoid squishing your lashes. Remember your lifestyle will affect your lash retention. Remember to re-book your fills within 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes always looking perfect and healthy.

Will eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes? 

No! They’re completely safe when applied by a trained and licensed professional. We customize every single lash set to maintain the health of your natural lashes. Healthy lashes = Beautiful lash extensions!

How long will a set of eyelash extensions last?

When applied by one of our professionals, eyelash extension will last the length of your natural lashes growth cycle. On average we shed 2-5 natural lashes a day. Several things can affect the longevity of the lash extensions such as hormone imbalances, medication, stress, oily skin, makeup, and how well you follow the after care instructions. Refills are required every 2 to 3 weeks.

Can I wear eye makeup with lash extensions?

We recommend using as little makeup as possible on the eye area for the best retention. Makeup products such as mascara and eyeliner is NEVER recommended. When removing makeup on extensions always use an oil free makeup remover. DO NOT use a makeup wipe on your lash line. The lint from the makeup wipe will get stuck on the lashes or pull on the extensions causing premature shedding.


How long will eyebrow tint last me?

The Eyebrow tint will last 1-2 weeks, depending on your skin type and skin care regimen. 


What kind of wax services do you offer? 

Our beauty bar offers facial waxing.The great quality wax we offer vary from hard wax to creme wax. Skin type and hair type will determine what wax will be used.


What are the booking times?  

Each makeup application requires a certain length of time to be finished and is not to exceed time limit. When reserving your date, book accordingly. Any additional makeup needs outside the allotted time will only be performed at the discretion of the makeup artist.

During makeup application how are things kept sanitary?

All brushes and makeup products are kept sanitary and are sanitized between every makeup application. It is very important to make sure that the person you hire for your makeup is sanitary.  A good makeup artist will sanitize their hands right in front of you, have clean brushes, and a tidy makeup kit.  I always begin applying makeup using cleaned and disinfected brushes and products. I have been professionally trained to know how to keep everything clean and sanitary.  My brushes are cleaned before each work day, and cleaned with antibacterial brush cleaner between clients.  I do not share lipsticks and other products between clients, they are always taken out with spatulas and then mixed on a sanitized cosmetic palette.  All eyeshadows and eye/lip liners are disinfected with cosmetic sanitizer between usages as well.  Makeup products used are hypoallergenic. Any skin condition should be reported by the client to the makeup artist prior to application and, if need be, a sample test of makeup may be performed on the skin to test reaction. Client(s) agree to release the makeup artist from liability for any  complications. 


All of the makeup products that I use are Professional Brands that were designed to give long lasting results and photograph beautifully.  They are bought through professional retailers and are not brands that you will typically find in the stores.  Please contact me if you would like more information on brands carried.  

Should I make an appointment before coming to the nail spa?

Yes, we highly recommend that you make an appointment before coming to the spa. Making a prior appointment means that we will be able to prepare for your treatment and give you our best service. It will also save you time for you wouldn’t have to wait in the lobby for your turn. While we do accept walk-in customers, booking an appointment will make the whole procedure easy for you as well as us.

I won’t be able to make for my appointment. What should I do?

Sometimes you may not be able to keep your appointment. In such cases, we request you to inform us at least 24 hours in advance about your inability to attend. This will help us to assign your time slot to another customer. You can call us or send an email to inform about your absence.

Can I bring my own nail tool kit to the nail salon?

Yes, today many people prefer bringing their own nail toolkit to the salon, for the fear of infection from the tools used in the salon. You can bring your nail toolkit, however, we request you to ensure that your toolkit is sterilized and cleaning very well after the procedure.

Can I use my phone during my nail salon appointment?

Using your phone might sound like an interesting idea to keep away boredom during your nail salon procedures. However many often, it takes your attention away from the procedure leading to results, sometimes leading to results that you wouldn’t like. Therefore it is safe to pay attention to the procedure than your phone.

Can I bring food and beverages to the salon?

We understand that a salon procedure can be time-consuming. We do currently ban outside food and drinks, However, we offer complimentary refreshments.


How often should I get a pedicure?

Healthy nails are beautiful. However maintaining it healthy demands some attention from you. It is good to get a pedicure once in three weeks. Dirt accumulates in your toes faster than you imagine. Bacteria and fungus grow easily bringing diseases. So have a pedicure at least once a month. It will benefit your feet greatly!

I have ingrown toes. Is it safe to get a pedicure now?

Ingrown toes are a painful condition affecting the toes. It is better to avoid a pedicure if you have ingrown toe nails as the risk of infection is high. But prevention is better than cure. You can prevent ingrown toes nails to a great extent by having a pedicure once in a while. Nail technicians are experts in understanding foot problems and they’ll tell you what to do and what not to do so as to prevent ingrown nails.

Can I wax my legs before I go for a pedicure?

We highly recommend NOT to wax your legs before your pedicure appointment. Although it might seem like a gentle thing to do, waxing your legs before a pedicure has the potential to cause infections. Waxing creates pores inside your skin so that the bacteria and fungus cleared out during a pedicure can find its way into your body. Therefore we recommend that you don’t wax your legs at least for two days before your pedicure